Organic Facials

Choosing the right treatment to tackle your skin woes can be down-right confusing.

That’s why we’ve kept our treatment list streamlined and simple. From micro to masks, we’ve fine-tuned our favourite treatments to deliver the results you’re after.

Don’t know where to start? We’ll put your clever mind at ease with a consultation first. It’s a non-negotiable part of your visit to our lovely little salon.

Express microdermabrasion (45min)

Our 45-minute sessions might be short and sweet, but they sure pack a punch. This ‘express micro’ is the exfoliation treatment your skin’s been crying out for – designed to gently remove the top layer of skin to make way for the gorgeous and glowing you! We’ll follow with a treatment mask – allowing your perfectly-prepped skin to absorb all the goodness from our hand-picked range of natural products. It’s ideal for those short on time or who are in the maintenance phase of their skincare program. 

45 min | $99*
Added to facial 15 min | $40

Bespoke Facial (60min)

A perfect introduction to facials for first-timers, and a good way for us to begin a tailored treatment plan. Includes all the good stuff to make your skin look and feel loved, including a treatment mask, jade roller facial massage and vitamin C infusion – the natural way to glowing skin. And if that wasn’t relaxing enough – we’ll throw in a scalp, hand and arm massage too. Bliss! This could just be the little lift (or the perfect gift) you’ve been looking for.

60 min | $140

Express LED (45min).

The perfect little pick-me-up for busy-bees with big skin goals, and an ideal way to get your skin prepped for a big event. LED is a super gentle treatment which tackles the hard stuff – acne, scarring, fine lines, pigmentation and inflammation. A dose of light energy will give your skin cells the boost they need to help produce those fancy proteins (collagen and elastin), which plump and brighten and do all sorts of dreamy things. We can switch up the colour of the light depending on your needs – we’ll guide you on the best choice for you at your consultation.

45 min | $99
Added to facial
15 min | $40

Micro + LED + Intensive mask (90min)

We get it. Between work and family and social calendars and life admin, ‘you’ time is often the last item on your ‘to-do’ list. This glorious combination treatment provides the ultimate boost for those who rarely enjoy ‘me’ moments. Along with all the benefits of the facial ‘power couple’ – micro and LED – you’ll be treated to a Vitamin C infusion and Cryo Facelift Ice Cube treatment – a special polar temperature treatment (made from hyaluronic acid) to plump and brighten your skin, pronto. For those who like to plan ahead (and ramp up their skin routine), we happily offer packages too.

90 min | $199

Jade roller massage
The benefits of jade rolling include improved blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and diminishing fine lines. Jade crystal protects against negative energy and balances your chi.

Power of essential oils
Therapeutic grade essential oils harness nature’s most powerful elements and are revolutionising the way we manage our health. Used within facial and body treatments, the skin is given the gift of the oils’ powerful remedies, individualised for each persons needs.

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