Organic Facials

Organic facials using Australian made, certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free products with active ingredients to achieve rejuvenating results while protecting your skin from harmful and synthetic chemicals. Add light therapy or microdermabrasion to extend the effectiveness of your treatment.

All organic facials include a skin consultation to determine your skin’s individual concerns and how best to target them, ensuring each facial is tailored to your unique needs. Relax, and enjoy your organic beauty ritual knowing that every product we use is only the purest quality for your skin.



Earth Essence Revising Treatment Facials

Bespoke 60 min Facial…..$125
Intensive Bespoke 75min Facial…..$149
AHA Peel…..$35
added to a facial…..$40
Micro + LED facial with intensive mask 1.5 hrs…..$199

LED light therapy…..$99
added to a facial…..$50

Jade roller massage
The benefits of jade rolling include improved blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and diminishing fine lines. Jade crystal protects against negative energy and balances your chi.

Power of essential oils
Therapeutic grade essential oils harness nature’s most powerful elements and are revolutionising the way we manage our health. Used within facial and body treatments, the skin is given the gift of the oils’ powerful remedies, individualised for each persons needs.

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